Totino’s Created A Snack Mix That Combines Pizza Rolls, Mini Mozzarella Sticks, Garlic Bread Bites, And More

America’s favorite pizza roll is now rolling out the snack of our dreams.

Totino’s – the company that produces the iconic frozen pizza rolls – has now taken their beloved recipes and turned them into travel-sized snack mixes that don’t require any cooking!

The snack mixes come in two flavors: original and American favorites – both crunchy mini pizza rolls are accompanied by snack-sized versions of mozzarella sticks, garlic bread bites, potato bites, and more.

According to Food & Wine, the Original snack mix is comprised of Pepperoni Pizza Roll Snacks, Cheesy Marinara Bites, Mozzarella Sticks, and Garlic Bread Bites. Meanwhile, the American Favorites mix comes with Cheeseburger Pizza Roll Snacks, Ham & Cheese Bites, Cheddar Bites, and Potato Bites.

Photo: Totino’s

It’s reported that each bag holds 90 pieces, and retails for $8.79.

Going by a May post to their Facebook page, it seems that Totino’s first introduced the snack mix earlier this year at the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

Currently, the product isn’t listed on Totino’s website, however, as per Food & Wine, the snack mixes are set to be introduced to stores nationwide “beginning fall 2019,” with some already available in Sam’s Club.

Totino’s has yet to comment about their new product.

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