Man Creates An Entire Twitter Account Just To Show A Potential Date He Can Make Tortellini

There are two things I’m obsessed with in this world: 1. A man that can cook. 2. PASTA!

A man named Andrew Wang created an entire Twitter account that showcases his tortellini cooking abilities to a Tinder match.

The Twitter account has posted nothing to it except a five-step tortellini tutorial…We are being serious here. The account and his Tweets went viral after user @nextleveltilly quoted him along with the caption: “this sweet man…made a twitter account to show me his pasta because you can’t send pictures on tinder.”

What makes this story even more adorable is the fact that the account is named @tillytortellini, named after his Tinder match ‘Tilly’. The account also only follows Wang and Tilly.

People on the internet are now obsessed with Wang:




Now for the good news. Tilly has seen his account and let the world know they set a date: “Thank you all for the twitter likes I think I am seeing pasta man on Friday,” she tweeted on October 30.

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