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The Top 10 Antique Sewing Collectibles on the Market Today

2) Thread Cabinets

Like tea cabinets and cigar humidors, thread cabinets not only kept your stash secure, but did so in real style. These petits little cabinets were often made from carved or machined wood in a variety of elegant designs.

While a 20th century vintage thread cabinet can sell for under $50, high quality antique thread cabinets can sell for much more.

1) Antique Singer Sewing Machines

Two of the most desirable antique Singer sewing machines are the Featherweight and Red Eye models, the former for its practical design and the latter for its stunning red and gold decals. Singer sewing machines in running shape, with original accessories like the notions pack that used to come with them, their original tables or the classic bentwood case that was popular in the early 20th century sell for higher prices than just the machine alone.

Prices can vary depending on condition, but many antique and vintage Singer sewing machines sell for higher than their lesser known competitors. There’s even a market for “hot rod” Singers which have been painted in glorious colors and been serviced for premium service. This is normally a no-no for antiques, but sewing collectrs love a splash of color! Many Singers will sell for between $100 and $500, though some can sell for thousands in excellent condition.

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