The Top 10 Antique Sewing Collectibles on the Market Today

Thimbles in sterling silver or bronze, even gold, were quite popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras for women who could afford them. Today they can sell for $20 to more than $1,000, with value soaring if they happen to be part of a set.

9) Victorian Pincushions

Like many things about the Victorian era, their pin cushions were often well and beyond functional. Cast silver bases in various fun shapes, like animals, carriages, or shoes, were topped with fine velvet cushions. Carved wood, metal filigree and cushions adapted for chatelaines were also very popular.

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Today these pincushions have a wide range in price, particularly since the cushion part tends to be replaced or missing after more than a century! Still, these ornate sewing collectibles can sell today for between $30 and $250 or more at the high end. Particularly striking examples in a sterling silver can sell for up to $2,000.

8) Sewing Baskets

Sewing baskets have some of the widest range of values and styles of any sewing item out there. Women have been using sewing baskets of wood, bone, or basketry for as long as humans have worn clothing. They can be quite small or be the size of a small table, with legs and handles for easy movement to all the best windows in the house.

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