People Are Poking Fun At Tom Hanks For Loading His Toast With Vegemite

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson stunned the world when they announced that they had been diagnosed with the coronavirus. Since then, Tom has been doing his best to make sure that we are given the necessary updates. As he doesn’t plan to travel for the foreseeable future, he’s staying in Australia and wanted to eat like an Australian.

The end result? A photo that is getting him roasted (playfully, of course). He posted a snap of himself eating Vegemite toast. Since its the Internet, people just had to point out the sheer amount of Vegemite that he used. In their estimation, he had used far too much. Once the photo was posted on his Twitter account, the tweets came raining down.

At least he’s got some water to wash it down with. The tiny kangaroo that is holding an Australian flag is a nice touch. His message was a positive one as he wants us all to take care of each other and ourselves in the meantime.

If you are the type of person that does not actually know what Vegemite is, you are probably wondering about the collective reaction to the photo.

This spicy brown spread is quite controversial in Australia. It’s polarizing, to be sure. There are those who think that it is one of the greatest condiments in the world and there are those who are absolutely disgusted by it.

The Australians who thought that Tom had placed too much of the spread on his piece of toast were very kind about informing him, though.

Meanwhile, there were other Australians who let him know that this spread is not even very good. The takes on his toast have us yelling with laughter.

It’s a much needed moment of levity during a challenging time. We hope that Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are both able to make a full recovery from their bout with the coronavirus. In the meantime, let these people eat all of the Vegemite that they like. Hopefully, Tom is willing to keep us updated each and every step of the way. We wish him all of the best in his recovery!

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