Toffee-Colored Roses Are The New Trend Popping Up At Weddings

You’ll have to excuse us for not knowing what to do with brown flowers when we first see them. In most instances, brown on flowers means it’s time to throw them away. That’s when you get to treat yourself to a whole new bouquet. However, brown roses have recently become quite trendy. All it takes is one quick peek through Instagram to see that.

So, why are people holding onto their brown flowers all of a sudden? The reason happens to be a very simple one. These roses are now considered to be elegant! We can now get more use out of our flowers all the while keeping up with the trends. Sounds like a win, win to us.

They do not have the same vibrancy as the pastel colors that we know and love, but that does not make them any less beautiful. These flowers add a different sort of look to any setting. Maybe you are someone who is looking to create a more rustic feel when it comes to your spring decor. The toffee roses are a great way to go about this task, don’t you agree?

We must admit, they are also the perfect color once it comes time to decorate for the fall.

Of course, there are those who are now going to ask a very obvious question: where do you find these roses? They are not exactly the type of thing that you can pick up at the local Home Depot. These flowers actually originated in South America.

They are hard to come by in United States flower shops, though, locating them is not a completely impossible task. Readers who reside in and around the Seattle, Washington area can head to Choice Farms.

Or, all you need is $66 and you may get the chance to take home 25 of the beautiful roses from the good folks at Potomac Floral. This florist is located in the state of Maryland.

Wholesale flower sellers are also a good bet at times like these and you can take the time to inquire with the sellers in your particular area. We would also be remiss if we did not inform you about the sheer number of artificial toffee rose sellers that are currently popping up online. You simply cannot go wrong when you opt for these roses and we cannot wait to purchase some for our own home.

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