Tito’s Vodka Is Making 24 Tons Of Hand Sanitizer

Tito’s Vodka may be a popular beverage for some but their latest creation is something that you do not want to drink. Since the coronavirus pandemic has become more and more problematic, stores have been unable to keep hand sanitizer on the shelves. While there are rumors that hand sanitizer can be made at home with vodka, nothing could actually be further from the truth.

That’s why Tito’s has decided to step up to the plate and help the American people to meet the demand. Their distillery is going to be utilized in order to make hand sanitizer! The company is advising its customers not to use their vodka for such purposes, but production has already begun on 24 tons of hand sanitizer. Their product will adhere to all governmental and industry guidance.

Further details about this new hand sanitizer have yet to be released. However, Tito’s has already stated that this hand sanitizer is going be given out for free to those who are currently most in need. This is a vodka company that truly cares about their fellow man and we are grateful to them for looking out for us. We are tired of seeing hand sanitizer in such short supply.

Tito’s first shared the information with their followers on Twitter and you can check out the initial tweet if you would like to learn more. Their formula is being tested before the sanitizer is produced and they are also looking into the necessary supplies and packaging. These guys have truly thought of everything, haven’t they? Please stop using vodka as hand sanitizer in the meantime.

After all, you are going to need this vodka to help you get through all of the long days that we are all going to be spending at home. We would typically never advocate for day drinking, but let’s face the facts here. It’s not like anyone has anything better to do now. Heading to the living room to pour a stiff drink is about as fun as our lives get now for a lot of us.

As soon as the company knows more about the release of this hand sanitizer, more information will be provided on their website. Be sure to share this great news with all of the Tito’s lovers in your life as soon as possible. They are going to want to stockpile as much of this hand sanitizer as they can.

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