You Can Now Buy An Affordable Farmhouse Made From A Shipping Container

By now, we have all heard of the tiny home trend and the renovation of farmhouse style homes. You can see it online or by watching HGTV, including shows, such as “Tiny House, Big Living”. It has everything to do with a minimalistic lifestyle and living in a home that is only a few hundred square feet in size. In addition, you can watch shows such as ‘Fixer Upper’ that often show the farmhouse features.

A company in Texas is taking these two trends and combining them. They are using affordable shipping containers to create tiny homes with farmhouse charm. That charm is seen everywhere from the rocking chairs on the roof to the doormat on the front porch.

Affordable, custom-built homes are created using 20 or 40 foot containers from Backcountry Containers. Jon and Kristen Meier are the husband-and-wife team behind the project.

They even have their own show, ‘Containables‘ featured on the DIY network. He takes care of the engineering and she takes care of the design.

There is going to be a variation in what you will pay for one of these tiny homes. Generally speaking, a 20 foot shipping container starts at a baseline of $40,000 and a 40 foot container home begins at $60,000.

If you are interested in a bigger shipping container home using multiple containers, the build starts at $100,000. Adding any extras, such as rooftop decks, porches and high-end appliances will raise the price.

The model home for the farmhouse shipping container is 1,100 square feet. Other options include a two-story stack home, a workspace shipping container and inside bungalows.

I would say you could easily make it a party house as well.

Most of the buildings by Backcountry Containers are in Texas, but they do make some exceptions for building outside of that state.

If you really love tiny homes, you may want to consider moving to Spur, Texas.

The local area zoning and land regulations are favorable for tiny homes. Spur is a small town of only 1000 and is ‘tiny home-friendly’ and you can get to Lubbock Texas within an hour. Here are some of the homes you will find in Spur:

Here’s another of the tiny homes.

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