Tiny House Fans Can Now Make A Holiday Gingerbread Camper

Gingerbread kits are sure to be found anywhere. They provide us with the chance to place our Christmas spirit on full display. When gingerbread houses are mentioned, we do not always think of the other types of houses that are in existence, though. This is understandable enough but now we are here to change all of that for you. Tiny house lovers are sure to appreciate this one.

Tiny home fanatics have come to the right place. Your search is over now. Wal-Mart and World Market are now selling tiny home kits for gingerbread houses. We can hardly believe our eyes. The Holiday Camper Gingerbread Kit allows you to create your very own camper. There is a wide range of options as well. You are going to be able to customize the camper in a number of different ways.

The panels are pre-baked and the icing is already mixed together so you can jump right into designing your tiny camper. The kit also comes with food coloring so that you can let your inner decorator run wild and free.

String lights and windows can be fashioned with the usage of the icing pen that comes with the tiny home and this offers a greater level of convenience. As you may have expected, the gingerbread kit comes with various candies. A grill, a Christmas tree and a cardboard cutout of Santa Claus himself round out the kit. You will have hours of fun when it comes time to design and construct your tiny home.

A supportive tray ensures that your camper is not going to topple over. The level of care and craftsmanship on display here touches our hearts. These homes come with a lot and they are easily obtained. You can purchase your own for just $8.99.

Wal-Mart is not to be outdone here. If you need something that is even smaller, they have got you covered. Their tiny gingerbread tiny home can be had for a mere $4.88. The Chocolate Cookie Tiny House Decorating Kit is a great addition to any home during the holiday season.

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