Tiny Christmas Trees Are Making A Comeback

Living the minimalist lifestyle has many benefits. There is something to be said for the well-kept, clutter-free and open design of a minimalist household. That being said, when Christmas rolls around and we started decorating, the idea of staying at a minimum is often much less popular. Perhaps the most noteworthy of all of the Christmas decorations is the gigantic tree, and it is almost enough to make a minimalist turn into a hoarder.

Of course, that’s maybe taking things a little bit too far but I’m sure we would all agree that decorating for the holidays does not often have a minimal feel. This year things are getting better, however, because the tiny Christmas tree is making a nostalgic comeback.

For those who don’t have the time, space or wherewithal to put up a 9 foot Christmas tree, these trending tiny trees are perfect for your home. Pinterest is reporting that searches for those tiny Christmas trees are up by 50%!

Using these miniature trees provides many benefits. They require a smaller investment, take up less space and don’t use nearly as much electricity for the lights and other accessories. They are also much less likely to drop needles all over your home and quite simply, it makes decorating a breeze.

You might think that these miniature Christmas trees are a compromise but in reality, they are just as beautiful as the larger trees. They even include small LED lights, miniature ornaments, and stands.

Many people put these tiny trees on a table to keep them safe from pets.

If you can appreciate the benefits of keeping things simple, you might just want to try one of these tiny trees at your own home. Trends come and trends go but this Christmas trend looks like one that might just stick around.

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