The Timeless Art of Watch Repair

Along with the marvels of the modern age has come a reliance on screens. The prevalence of digital watches and smart phones means that today nearly no one has a reason to wear an analog watch. Those who wear them are usually doing so either for fashion or (rarer) a love of all things old and charming. This means that watch repair, once a common and relatively inexpensive service, has largely fallen by the wayside.

Along with the decline of watch-wearing has come the decline of the art of watch repair. Neighborhoods which once boasted several horologists now have none. The problem is bad enough that the Horological Society of New York, once a professional guild, is now a non-profit that seeks to educate curious would-be watch repairers just so that the art doesn’t die out. Watch as one amateur at the Society finds out what’s really involved in taking apart and putting back together a wristwatch in the video below.

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