Tiffany Haddish Eats Some Pretty Strange Food Combinations While Touring

Everyone loves certain food combinations that do not sound delicious on paper. It’s all a part of being human. Even our favorite celebrities have been known to enjoy some weird concoctions. Tiffany Haddish is one of the top comediennes alive and she is sharing her favorite combinations with the rest of us. Just wait until you see the type of foods that she consumes on a regular basis.

Can you believe that she eats pickles that have been stuffed with….peppermints? This is a combination that we have never even heard of. Those of us who enjoy mixing up salty and sweet are sure to be intrigued. The information was shared with the good folks at Harper’s BAZAAR as part of their Food Diaries series.

If this clip is any indication, we need to start paying closer attention to these videos. We learned a lot about Tiffany’s likes and dislikes just by watching. She gets her day going by eating whatever is leftover from the previous evening. From there, she blends kale, celery, and chard into one beverage. That is definitely one way to make sure that you are getting all of your greens in.

When she is on the road, the routine changes a bit. She’ll drink ginger tea and turmeric because it is not always easy to find a healthy breakfast when you are on the go. At lunchtime, Tiffany will have soup, a pastrami sandwich, or a salad, depending on the weather conditions. Her dinner choices are also not that shocking. She loves a good steak just like the rest of us and has been known to tuck into some lobster.

Chicken and dumplings are another favorite meal of hers. Once she began to list the snacks that she loves most, that’s when things started to get strange. Almonds and apricots are consumed at the same time. Fruit by the foot is a constant staple (she even keeps some in her car). She purchases the enormous dill pickles that come in the massive jars and stuffs them with various candies.

Jolly Ranchers and Now and Laters are used, in addition to the aforementioned peppermint. She savors these delicious flavors. In her words, they are “so damn good!” and we are just going to have to take her word on that one. Pickles are also dipped into Kool-Aid powder. If you’d like to learn more about the best way to enjoy a Kool-Aid pickle, be sure to check out the recipe provided. Don’t knock it until you have had one!

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