How To Spot Vintage Couture At Thrift Stores

Who doesn’t love getting a good deal at thrift stores? It’s amazing some of the deals you can find, especially when it comes to name brands. Are you ready to take your thrift shopping to the next level? Whether you’re shopping for yourself or looking to get a great deal and resell the clothes online, here are three tips for spotting vintage clothing worth a lot of money!

The first tip might surprise you – look for uncommon sizes. You might think going for a medium or large would make the clothes more desirable for resell since a majority of the population could wear it. However, that actually makes the clothes less valuable. The uncommon sizes sell for more since they aren’t always available for those who are looking for them.

The next tip is to look out for brand names. This might be obvious, but it’s worth saying. If you’re not sure of the designers, you can always look them up on your phone and see what their clothes are selling for online. Now, keep in mind when looking at prices, you’ll want to see what they actually sold for – not what the seller is asking for them.

Watch the video below from antiques appraiser Dr. Lori to get even more helpful tips on how to find valuable vintage couture in unexpected places like thrift stores and garage sales!

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