How To Identify If Your Thrift Store Print Is Actually Worth Thousands Of Dollars

You can find a lot of gems at a thrift store – from a cute sweater to a gently used couch, and everything in between. Have you ever taken time to look over some of the paintings and prints offered at thrift stores? A lot of people these days only look at the frames, thinking they’ll get a good deal on a fancy frame they can use for another project and ditching the painting altogether.

However, some of these prints are actually worth a lot more than you might think! How they ended up at a thrift store, we’ll never know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the opportunity!

The video below shows two examples of people who purchased prints at a thrift store that ended up being worth a lot of money. The first man happened to snag an original Salvator Rosa print. The original is worth about $5,000, but unfortunately, the version he found had been cut down and glued to another surface. It still ended up being worth about $500!

The second lady found a very old Japanese wood print. Find out more of their stories and get some tips on how to spot original paintings and prints that might be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the video below!

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