Unique Thrift Store Planters

Tis the season to garden! We’re always looking for new and creative ways to add some flair to our plants, gardens, or even around the house. While colorful pots certainly do the trick, they can be quite pricey. Enter: your favorite thrift store! You can get a fun and unique look from using some unexpected things. Go ahead and get some ideas for alternative plant holders from our article below!


We don’t know about your local thrift store, but ours often has a huge selection of random kitchen items. A lot of them are… well-loved, to put it nicely. While we might not use these pots, pans, and strainers to actually cook with, they make for great plant holders! Especially metal strainers, as they have holes to make sure your plant gets good drainage.

We’ve all seen these blue camping pots, and your local thrift store is likely to have a stock of them as well. Doesn’t this make for an awesome holder for those long, droopy plants?

Now here is a creative use of a bundt pan! We just love the way these flowers look in the copper, with the added little detail of the circle in the center. How fun!

Kid’s Toys

You can undoubtedly find some old, used toys at the thrift store, and what a creative way to use them! This idea works for trucks, buckets, and really anything you can fit a flower into! The example below uses two kinds of baskets to create a fun, layered look. Mix and match to get that eclectic vibe in your garden!

Odds And Ends

It wouldn’t be a true thrift store without some random odds and ends with no real category or home. Just head on over to the “Miscellaneous” section of the store to see what we mean. While it might take some imagination, we bet you can find all sorts of things that would make a great little planter!

Watch the video below for even more creative ideas!

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