6 Clues Your Thrift Store Painting Is Worth A Lot Of Money

Whether you’re shopping around thrift stores, antique malls, or flea markets, you’re bound to come across a painting (or fifty). Some people are looking for a specific work of art to add to a collection while others are after a solid frame and could care less about the piece of art inside.

No matter your reason for looking at paintings, here are some helpful tips for you to know when you’re getting a good deal or not! Some things are worth more than you might think!

One thing to consider when buying an old painting is if it’s going to add to a collection. Adding more pieces to a collection instantly raises the value of the whole collection. In some sense, it’s not all about the caliber of the artist or even the art itself. Any huge collections are going to sell for more money than if you just have a few of the paintings.

Another thing to think about is how you’re going to resell the painting if that’s your goal. If you have something of value, you’re going to want to open it up to the global market – which typically means going online. You’re not going to get the best deal by going to your local consignment gallery.

Get more tips on finding and reselling thrift store paintings in the video below!

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