Three-Tier Thanksgiving Dinner Pie

Thanksgiving is a tradition that is practiced every year in many families. If you are somebody who just can’t seem to conform, you might want to step outside of the lines and try something a little different.

I’m not necessarily talking about ordering Chinese food with friends, as you probably enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. I’m talking about pulling all of the flavors of Thanksgiving together in a three-tiered dinner pie.

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If you’re having difficulty imagining what we are talking about, it has all been laid out for you at Food52.

When you are finished with the recipe, you will basically be stacking together three savory pies. In other words, everything good about Thanksgiving dinner will come together in a single dinner cake.

The bottom tier is turkey pot pie, the second tier is the side dish (creamed kale with pancetta and walnuts) and the top layer is cranberry sauce.

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It might seem like a lot but it is not going to take any longer than making a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. It might require some special tools but you can always buy what you need online reasonably.

Perhaps the best news is the fact that you don’t need to slave away on Thursday to get things prepared. You can make them days in advance and either keep them in the refrigerator or freeze them in preparation for the big day. It also uses a hot water crust, which makes the entire thing manageable.

Photo: Food52

This is a unique way to celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s also going to be great for conversations and is the perfect meal before you settle in for an afternoon of football.

Three-Tier Thanksgiving Dinner Pie

Photo: Food52


1 recipe Turkey Pot Pie

1 recipe Creamed Greens Pie

1 recipe Cranberry Sauce Pie


Place the turkey pot pie on a large platter.

Place the creamed greens pie on a 9-inch cardboard cake circle. Place the cranberry sauce pie on a 6-inch cardboard cake circle. This makes it easier to move the pie around (including removing it to slice and serve).

Use an offset spatula to transfer the creamed greens pie on top of the turkey pot pie.

Use an offset spatula to transfer the cranberry sauce pie on top of the creamed greens pie.

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