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They Were Married For 49 Years, But After A Quick Makeover They Can’t Recognize Each Other


How would you feel if your husband or wife of 49 years walked into the room looking like a new person? When you live with someone for nearly five decades, you know them so well that even a small change can really shake things up. Jo and Kevin Taylor have been together since 1967 and only recently did they choose to make a dramatic change together, and the results will absolutely astound you.

Throughout their fifty years together, the Taylors have stayed in love with one another, sharing decades of inside jokes and quirky habits. Their love – and their style – never changed, despite having five children, fourteen grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. Their late-1960’s style has never faltered, and although loved ones have urged them to update their style, they’ve stubbornly refused to change the way they look – until now.


With the help of the TODAY show makeover team, Jo and Kevin experienced the makeover of a lifetime. The style team, made up of Louis Licari and Jill Martin, helped the Taylors transform from head to toe.

TODAY shared the video of this amazing makeover in February of last year and it quickly became a hit because of this remarkable transformation. Here’s what TODAY had to say about the makeover:

“This sweet couple has been married for 49 years, and while their love is not dependent on their looks, they’re ready for a refresh. Wait until you see what they look like after our Ambush Makeover team of Louis Licari and Jill Martin gets done with them!”


The video has been viewed more than a quarter of a million times and has sparked quite a reaction from viewers.

“This is beautifully astonishing!!! They love each other.”

“That’s couple goals right there! Hope to be like these two when me and my hubby get older.”

“I’m obsessed with these ambush makeovers! This was so sweet!”

While there’s always a few nay-sayers on these comment streams, the overwhelming response has been positive. What an amazing experience for the couple!

What do you think of their transformation?

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