Anyone Remember The Original Goldbergs TV Show?

The Goldbergs was an early television show about a Jewish family and was a real rarity for the era! The show started out as a radio program and ran from 1929-1946 on NBC and CBS radio stations. And, the trials and tribulations of a Jewish family living in New York, with some family members from the Old Country with a typical Yiddish accents, was very novel at the time. Plus, the show’s writers didn’t shy away from tough subjects, airing a Kristallnacht and several World War II episodes that dealt with prejudice and the fate of Jews in Europe at the time of those events.

The television program aired 1949-1957 and was nominated for an Emmy in 1950 for Best Kinescope show (an early method of airing shows nationwide). This show is unrelated to the modern The Goldbergs TV show that came out in 2013 and takes place in the 1980s in Pennsylvania.

Do you remember this unforgettable family? Have a look in the video below.

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