If You’ve Had Your Heart Broken, You May Be Able To Live Like Cameron Diaz In ‘The Holiday’

It always hurts to have your heart broken but one British company is doing their part to help ease the pain.

If you’ve had your heartbroken this year, you may be able to win a three-night stay in a Cotswolds cottage that looks like it’s straight out of the movie, ‘The Holiday’. You will feel just like Cameron Diaz in her vacation from that 2006 movie.

A UK-based rental company, Independent Cottages is running the contest. All you have to do is share the story of your heartbreak and you may be able to win.

“Whether you’ve been dumped, ended a relationship that wasn’t working out, or realised you were lusting after someone who didn’t feel the same way, take a leaf out of Cameron Diaz’s book and mend your heart with a cottage stay in the glorious English countryside this winter,” the official contest rules state.

“Unfortunately, Jude Law isn’t provided.”

Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swapped houses in the movie after they both experienced breakups. Diaz’s character stayed at a cottage in England.

One of the owners of Independent Cottages, Sarah Jarvis, told TODAY Home that there have been more than 500 contestants entered into the contest so far. They are expecting many more.

“What has surprised us is the length and level of detail of each entry,” she said. “There are a lot of broken hearts out there. It will be very hard to choose a single winner.”

According to Jarvis, a relaxing stay in a cozy countryside home will be given to the winner. The home is about two hours outside of Northwest London.

“The winner can expect to experience life in a friendly and traditional Cotswolds market town at the most magical time of year before Christmas,” she said. The cottage is “the perfect bolt-hole to tuck yourself away from everything, without being too cut off from the outside world.”

With the snow blanketing the ground, it is sure to be something straight off of a postcard. The guest can go inside for some heat by the wood-burning stove and a nice night’s sleep in a plush double bed.

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