Footage of The Hindenburg Disaster and How It Happened

In 1937 a flashy airship has fascinated the world. Exclusive rides on the Hindenburg touted luxury and prestige on an innovative piece of equipment. Zeppelin technology had been around since around 1900, but the Hindenburg was larger than any aircraft that had ever been built before. It was only 80 feet shorter than RMS Titanic! The transatlantic flight of the Hindenburg, despite the rising discord of the Third Reich, had captivated the world. The latest in transatlantic air travel, the Hinderburg was seen as a feat of technology and luxury.

It was at a landing at the Lakehurst Naval Air Station in New Jersey on May 6th, 1937, that press and onlookers were completely awestruck as this airship burst into violent flames. The structure of the ship was such that a fire meant near instant destruction of the majority of the zeppelin. Filled with hydrogen to keep it in the air, the combustable gas was ignited very quickly from a mystery spark. And just to be clear, smoking was allowed on the Hindenburg, albeit in a pressurized room! Have a look at the Hindenburg disaster and the ship in her final hours in the video below.

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