The First Page Of Your Novel Is The Promise Of What’s To Come


So the story goes in any difficult task, getting started is the hardest part, and the same is true for writing. Whether it’s an intro paragraph to an essay or article or the first page of your novel, this is the critical moment for a writer to capture their reader’s attention and inspire them to continue reading. You know what they say about first impressions, and the old adage remains true for the first page of your novel. We’ve found some excellent advice from novel editor Ellen Brock, and her video shares the details on what makes an effective first page for a novel.


It begins with a promise. The first page of your first chapter needs to reflect the tone of your book as a whole, without dumping information or revealing so much that everything else that follows becomes obvious. A novel’s first page is a promise of the potential of your book, and in the case of getting your book past the initial judgment of publishers or editors, you really want that first page to shine.

Brock speaks from her own professional experience as an editor and shares her reasons why it is important to make the first page of your novel captivating. It really is your first chance to tell your audience a miniature of the story’s larger plot. If you’re struggling with how to get the first page of your novel to make an impression on your readers, check out Ellen Brock’s video on how to write your novel’s first page.

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