I Thought You Could Only Get This Look With Knitting!

braided cable
Admittedly, as much as I love a simple, basic stitch, some of my favorite stitches are a bit more complex, maybe not in their execution but in their appearance. I love when a stitch can add texture and dimension to my projects, and today, I have just the stitch to meet the bill!

The braided cable stitch is absolutely amazing! I know that it looks super complex, but I promise that it is actually not too tough to crochet, and once you do it a few times, you will have the whole thing down pretty quickly!

Follow along as Katie from katiescrochetgoodies.com takes us through the steps to making this chain, and give it a try for yourself; this stitch will literally look absolutely amazing on any project you can think of!

Now, you tell us – how will you be using this braided cable stitch in your future projects?

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