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The Best And Worst Foods To Get At The Dollar Tree

We love saving money, and there’s no better place than the Dollar Tree! Sure, some things they have are about as cheap and flimsy as you’d think, but there’s a surprising amount of high-quality things in this store, food included. However, no one wants to wade through all the gross food just to find a couple of worthwhile grocery items, right? Lucky for us, one YouTuber decided to do just that. We get to reap the benefits of his hard work! Without further ado, here’s a list of the best (and worst) food to get at the Dollar Tree.

What To Buy:

1. Cream Cheese Pepper Bites

Our test-taster claims this frozen appetizer was surprisingly delicious. It browned up real nicely, and the center was creamy and spicy – everything you could want in a jalepeño popper!

2. Veggie Burgers

Unlike a lot of veggie burgers out there, these patties aren’t parading around pretending to be meat. They are simple veggies in a patty form. The YouTuber describes them as almost a potato pancake. Regardless, he continues, he’d definitely get them again.
3. Staple Ingredients

It’s always nice to find some of the things you use the most in the kitchen on sale. At the Dollar Tree, you know exactly what price they are going to be. Get your eggs and milk at the dollar store and save a ton of money, especially over time!

What NOT To Buy:

1. Chopped Beef Steak

Steak from the Dollar Tree? Sounds too good to be true, right? Yes. Yes it does. According to the expert, while the beef browned up niceley and smelled good, the texture and taste left a lot to be desired. Just take a look at the inside of this “steak!” He said it was comprable to chewing on a wet sock. No, thank you.
2. Egg Rolls

As you might expect, these egg rolls were another dud. Our test-taster tried three different kinds of egg rolls, and he said each one was the same musty taste and mushy texture. We don’t know about you, but “musty” and “mushy” aren’t words we want to be associated with egg rolls!

3. Homestyle Meatballs

These “meatballs” are more like “sponge balls” according to this YouTuber. He was thoroughly disappointed. Not only did the texture leave a lot to be desired, but he said the taste was utterly disgusting.
4. Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Are you sensing a theme here? Seems like buying meat, or “meat-like products,” is a no-go when it comes to Dollare Tree food. Which, actually makes a lot of sense. How much quality meat can you really expect to get for a dollar?
5. Git-R-Done Biscuits And Gravy

Larry The Cable Guy and Dollar Tree? What could possible go wrong with this epic duo? Well, as you can see, quite a lot. The YouTuber said the biscuits were doughy, the sauce was flavorless, and he found only 3 little sausages in the “sausage gravy.”

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