Testing Things in the Old Days Was Rather Dangerous

If you’ve ever felt grateful for all the people who did things so you don’t have to then have we got something for you. It’s no secret that back in the old days inventors and scientists who ere developing new technology often tested these items on themselves or even their friends and family members. Many new products were tested the hard way: through trial and error on real life human subjects.

While this type of procedure wouldn’t pass muster today, back in the first half of the 20th century this was all too common. There was no shortage of hew inventions and as such there was a booming market for anything new. This prompted labs, inventors, and amateurs to work on testing their own gadgets with some astonishing results. Just imagine if this was how we did things today! If someone wanted to test these inventions today, they’d have to submit all kinds of applications to governmental departments in order to make sure their trials were safe and ethical. Have a look at the video below to see how football helmets, bullet proof glass panels, and aircraft ejection seats were once tested!

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