This Terrazzo Trend Is Sweeping The Internet – Here’s How To Get The Look!

Isn’t this such a fun look? Terrazzo is typically used in flooring or countertops. It’s a material with marble or granite pieces set in concrete. The look, however, has taken the DIY world by storm, and there are lots of different ways to recreate this look easily and without the use of marble or concrete.

First, you’ll need some white polymer clay. Roll it out into the shape you need. For this project, we’re going to cover a tin can to make it into the flower pot pictured above.

Once the white clay is rolled out, get to cutting small bits and pieces from various other colors of clay. Make sure the pieces are different shapes and sizes in order to get the full Terrazzo effect.

Next, place the pieces on top of the rolled out white clay, dotting them around in a random pattern. Roll the clay again to incorporate the new colored pieces.

Peel the clay piece from the wax paper and fit it around the can, cutting off the excess and pinching the ends together. We suggest leaving some extra around the top and bottom so you can fold it over the edges, giving the whole thing a nice and complete look.

Finally, bake the tin and clay at 275 for 15 minutes. Once everything is cooled off, use it as a planter, or an organizer, or anything else your heart desires! Watch the video below for the full tutorial and some clever ways to use this technique around the house!

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