Why You Should Always Fly with a Tennis Ball in Your Carry-On

Most people would probably say that tennis balls belong on the court but they may actually be a life-saving device.

This is especially true when you are flying. If you are one of those individuals who find yourself in economy class, you are struggling to get as much real estate as possible. Standing up and walking around is rarely going to happen, even though we all know we should do it. It is much more convenient than driving but it can be a real pain.

That is where tennis balls come in. There is no end to expensive gadgets that help to relieve some of the difficulties of flying from circulation to pain. All you really need to carry with you is a tennis ball. Doing so can help to prevent blood clots that may happen on long flights. It can even do so on road trips!

As you roll the tennis ball along your body, it stimulates blood flow and loosens the muscles. Think of it as your self-massage machine that you take with you anywhere you go. Tennis balls fit into a small bag easily and your neighbors won’t mind if you use one during the flight. It’s also something that easily gets through airport security.

When doing your self-massage, target specific areas. Your ankles, wrists, thighs, legs, shoulders and upper back should not be overlooked. As you roll the ball, apply gentle pressure and take note of any knots or tension you find along the way.

It sounds so simple, but sometimes these simple things make a big difference. It can help to keep you healthier and you might just enjoy your flight a little more.

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