You Have 4 Minutes – Teens Stumped on How to Use a Rotary Phone

Over Christmas break of 2018, one father and uncle decided to put all the kids in the house to a simple test. Kevin Bumstead gave them all the same task and set them in pairs so they could help each other. Their feat was to figure how to dial out on a rotary phone a number he had written on a piece of paper. The results were rather shocking: the kids struggled with the concept of a receiver, of a dial tone, and especially the rotary dial.

Neither his son nor his son and nephew, both aged 17, even seem to know what the receiver is for! They ask questions all through the test, but seem so frustrated with the process that they quickly walk away once the four minute time limit is done. This generation is only familiar with smart phones and many have never even tried to use an old-fashioned rotary phone before. Have a look at this hilarious situation in the video below.

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