You Can Get Raspberry Wine Fizzers That Explode Glitter When You Drop Them Into A Glass Of Rosé

Wine drinkers are well accustomed to the usual routine by now. All you need to do is pop the cork, pour a glass and repeat the process as needed. Sounds simple enough, right? Now Target is looking to add a little something extra to the proceedings. The raspberry wine fizzers that are now available will take any wine night to the next level, that is for sure.

These sparkling wine fizzers are an absolute must-have. If you are looking to take that next step forward to achieving peak fabulous levels, the fizzers need to be a part of your repertoire. Have you ever had a fizzer before? If not, this is your chance to take your first step forward into a brighter world. They function as a bath bomb for your beverage.

Once the fizzer has been placed in the drink, tiny gold stars that are raspberry flavored are released. While you may be wondering if these drinks are edible, there is nothing to worry about. The stars are made of baking soda and sugar. You can consume as many as you would like without having so much as a care in the world. The bombs can also be had on the cheap.

You can purchase these bad boys from your local Target for all of $6. This allows you to build a stockpile in time for the next holiday shindig. You do not even need to throw a party, either. These fizzers can be thrown into your drink even when you are rolling solo. Who says that you need to have people over in order to live as fabulously as possible?

The best drinks can now become science experiments, thanks to the good folks at Target. Best of all, they are not limited to wine only. They will take a glass of wine to the next level but you can also add them to soft drinks. A glass of water may be refreshing and yet, these fizzers are a great way to elevate it. Please be sure to pass this one along in the meantime.

You do not want to be the only one with access to these “wine bombs”, that is for sure. That’s why you need to share this story with the wine lovers in your life as soon as possible. The possibilities that are available to you here are endless. We cannot wait to see what our friends and loved ones decide to come up with.

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