Target Can Barely Keep These Pineapple Skulls In Stock

I have never heard tropical fruit and Halloween in the same sentence, but these pineapple skulls from Target are awesome!

Target recently launched it’s highly anticipated Hyde & EEK! Boutique brand ahead of Halloween and shoppers are loving everything, including a mini haunted house for cats.

Everyone and their mom is trying to get their hands on these pineapple skulls and we can see why. For only $15 you can bring a fresh take on a traditional Halloween pumpkin into your home. If I lived near the beach or dreamed of living near the beach I would grab one of these ASAP.

There’s just one problem, they are selling out so fast that Target can’t keep them in stock!

Photo: Target

Let’s not forget about the fact that this thing lights up to spook your guests.

This tropical twist on Halloween decor has us super excited for the holidays. Now all I can do is hope that Target restocks them in time for Halloween.

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