Target Is Selling A 16-Piece Disney Princess Ceramic Dinnerware Set

I know there is a ton of family drama surrounding the royal family right now, but my dream growing up was to be a Disney princess. I used to love playing dress-up, sitting down with all my dolls, and having a tea party. That nostalgia is what Disney is really driving into when they released this 16-piece ceramic dinnerware set.

Each set is inspired by a different Disney Princess and includes four full place settings with a mug, bowl, dessert plate, and dinner plate for each. We love the subtlety of the designs.

Each dish has gold detailing in the shape of a recognizable princess castle, so any hardcore Disney fan should know that blue is Cinderella, purple is Jasmine, turquoise is Ariel, and yellow is Belle.

Photo: Target

If you aren’t a fan of Disney or princesses – which would be kind of weird – then you will still love this set as the designs are not in-your-face and feel like fine china.

The dinnerware is ceramic and not dishwasher or microwave safe, so make sure to keep that in mind if you are looking to use these daily. These were really made for adults as they can easily break although your children can use them with supervision.

The set can be found at Target for $99, but you better hurry because we bet these will sell out fast!

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