Undercooked Pork May Be To Blame After Doctors Find Hundreds Of Tapeworms In A Man’s Brain

A man who reportedly consumed pork that was not properly cooked has been examined by doctors who were searching for answers. The conclusion that they came to will surprise you. He cooked the pork in a hot pot and it did not come out in the manner he expected. Because he did not cook the pork properly, the man developed a serious tapeworm infestation as a result.

Once the man realized something was very wrong, he visited the Zhejiang University in China. He told the staffers at First Affiliated Hospital of College of Medicine that he was experiencing seizures and headaches. Zhu Zhong-fa had not been able to find a cure, as local doctors struggled to make sense of the issues that he was experiencing.

An MRI was performed soon after his arrival. The tapeworms had spread to his brain, causing serious damage. The worms had even made their way into the upper body, taking up residence in his chest and lungs. When asked about his recent dining habits, he admitted that he had cooked pork in a hot pot. He was not sure if the meat had cooked all the way through.

Tapeworms are killed off as long as the meat is cooked over a certain temperature. The meat must reach a peak temperature of at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Hot pot dinners (for the uninitiated) take place when diners sit around a pot that is filled with simmering broth. Once the veggies and meats that are used to comprise the meal are cooked, they are then dipped in the broth.

Of course, these meals can be rather tasty when they are prepared correctly. If they are not, diners can end up in dire straits…like this man. The meat was not simmered properly and Zhu ate the pork while it was still red. This is obviously not a great idea. When these sorts of risks are taken, they are life-threatening.

Luckily, we are able to report that Zhu has made a full recovery. Many people in his predicament are not as lucky. That’s why it is important to make the right choices when cooking and preparing food. Let’s all do our part to avoid these sorts of issues in the future by taking the time to share this story. This man is very fortunate to have avoided long term brain damage and we wish him all of the best going forward.

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