Sip Spiked Versions Of Baja Blasts At This Taco Bell Located On The Beach

This is news to me, but apparently there is a Taco Bell located steps from the beach in Pacifica, CA that has been open since the 1980s. How is this not the eighth wonder of the world?

Recently, Taco Bell decided the location was too good for your average T. Bell and decided to turn it into a cantina where you can drink local wine, beer, and Twisted Freezes.

Taco Bell new this location was unlike any other and hired local street artist Nora Bruhn to paint a new mural in the restaurant. They also added an indoor/outdoor fireplace and a place for customers to park their surfboards.

Photo: Taco Bell

This is Taco Bell’s first free-standing Cantina restaurant, although there are 40+ upscale Taco Bell cantinas in the USA. You can find notable cantinas in Manhattan, Chicago, and Austin.

There’s even one in Las Vegas with an actual wedding chapel inside that’s hosted more than 165 couples.

Photo: Taco Bell

To make sure they are staying green, they’ve also installed recycling bins – which is a first for the fast-food chain.

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