Sweethearts Candies Are Coming Back For Valentine’s This Year

Valentine’s Day has no shortage of classic candies to offer. We are all familiar with the good old favorites. The candy hearts that taste like chalk are a common choice. These candies vanished last year, though. No one knew where to find them or if they would ever be back. Necco, the parent company responsible for manufacturing them, has heard your cries and is partially responsible for bringing them back.

However, the candies are going to look a bit different from the ones you typically know and love. Spangler Candy has bought the Necco company. Now, they are going to be making their triumphant return to store shelves. Whether you are someone who loves these candies or you can’t stand them, one thing is for sure. It simply is not Valentine’s Day without them.

They are a staple. Even if you do not love the taste, we are sure that you love seeing what these hearts have to say. If you are anything like us, you may be willing to buy them without actually taking the time to eat any. It is all about the tradition, after all. We cannot blame anyone who is not ready to consume them as they are not exactly the tastiest candy.

The Sweethearts that you remember from the past have changed now. The Spangler company has its own ideas and they are ready to share them with the world. Did you know that this company needed to put in a lot of time and effort to bring these candies back to stores? It took 60 truckloads worth of equipment to successfully haul them away from the Necco company once the purchase was complete.

The main change is one that is sure to infuriate those who love the flirty sayings. As it turns out, the equipment that was used to print the sayings is no longer working properly. Spangler attempted to find a new printer but that one was also damaged. While the hearts are going to be back in circulation soon enough, they are not going to have any clever words on them.

Well, that defeats the purpose! We are simply going to have to find a new Valentine’s candy that lets us express our more flirty side. There are some out there who probably ready to eat these candies regardless. In the meantime, we are hoping that the candies have the sayings back by this time next year. The Spangler folks had better start trying their best to find a printer now….before it is too late.

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