Surprisingly Useful Rubber Band Hacks

Ah, rubber bands. It seems like everyone has a junk drawer (or 5) filled with odds and ends which always include a handful of rubber bands. Where they all came from, no one knows. We don’t remember ever actually buying rubber bands, but somehow we always find them everywhere! Here are some super useful ways to use rubber bands around the house!

First up, you can use rubber bands to secure your delicate glassware inside the dishwasher. This hack is especially useful when it comes to stemmed wine glasses. Simply secure the rubber band on one end of the dishwasher rack, stretch it over the glasses, and slip it over a secure spot on the other side of the rack.

Have you ever come across a particularly difficult jar to open? What a silly question, of course you have! Instead of wrestling with the jar and draining your strength (not to mention your patience), grab a rubber band and secure it around the lid to help you easily open pesky jars!

This next hack is so useful! We all have those shirts that just won’t stay on the hanger, no matter how we try to finagle it. Enter: Rubber bands! Simply wrap a rubber band around each end of the hanger and slide them up to where you want. The rubber bands will stop the straps from falling down. Brilliant!

Go ahead and watch the video below to see even more useful rubber band hacks!

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