Photographer Captures Moment Bride Surprises Grandma Wearing Her Decades-Old Dress.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. They’re wedding must-haves that brides search high and low for.

Often, it’s necessary to enlist family members for help. In this particular instance, though, the bride intentionally kept her something old and borrowed from the very person who originally wore it. Twenty-three-year-old Jordyn Jensen never knew her paternal grandfather, who died before she was born. So when her wedding day rolled around, she decided to pay homage to him and her grandmother, Penny Jensen.

While it’s become something of a new-age tradition for a bride and groom do a first look before walking down the aisle, the Boise, Idaho, bride did something a little different.

Jordyn surprised her grandmother by revealing that she had decided to wear her wedding dress for her own big day. And you better believe the photos are just as cute as they sound.

“I have never done a first look between a bride and grandma,” photographer Kortney Peterson said. “It was one of the most unique and beautiful moments I’ve gotten to capture.”

Penny thought the dress had been thrown away or turned into scraps, so you can imagine her surprise when her granddaughter approached, wearing the lacy, long-sleeved gown that she herself had worn in 1962.

“Tears were automatically brought to her eyes, and she kept repeating, ‘1962 … Your grandfather would have loved to see this … I married my high school sweetheart in this … and now so will you,’” Kortney said.

“When you surprise your widowed grandmother with a photo of her from 1962 in her wedding gown… Oh and she had no idea the dress was in my possession and that I was going to wear it on my special day,” Jordyn wrote in a Facebook post just days after her September 23 wedding, next to this endearing photo:

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