Super Simple Kitchen Upgrades

We don’t know about you, but our kitchen always seems to be in need of cleaning and organizing. It’s amazing how cluttered things can get in such a short period of time! These kitchen upgrade hacks will help you tame the mess and hopefully help improve your cooking experiences!

Custom Drawer Organization

We all seem to have a junk drawer (or seven) in the kitchen, and we all certainly have those oddly shaped utensils that don’t really fit anywhere. This is the perfect solution! Simply measure out your drawer on some butcher paper, mark out where you want things by placing your utensils on the paper and tracing around the space, and then grab some MDF board! Using your stencil, place wooden dividers along the lines and attach with wood glue. Paint it when everything is dry and then use it to keep things organized!

Drawer Spice Rack

Isn’t this such a clever idea? Build little leaning shelves and stack them in your drawer to get this amazing spice rack. More details in the video below!

Cabinet Makeover

Do you have some outdated or damaged kitchen cabinets, but don’t want to spend the money replacing everything? Turns out it’s a lot easier to do a little makeover than you might think! Simply sand down the outside of your cabinets to prepare them for the paint. Then, either stain or paint your cabinets, depending on the look you want. Add some updated hardware, and you’ve got a whole new feel to your kitchen!

Hanging Spice Rack

This is the perfect DIY if you’re limited on counter and drawer space. Go ahead and utilize the space underneath the cabinets! Drill a metal strip underneath a cabinet, and then place some strong magnets on the strip. Fill mini mason jars with spices and hang them from the magnets for easy access!

Hanging Organizer

This could not be any easier. Simply hang a pot rail and add some S hooks to create this hanging organizer. You can hang utensils, dish towels, or even hanging plants if you grow your own herbs. Brilliant!

Check out the video below for more details on each of these projects!

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