Many Covered This Song But Only The McGuire Sisters Stole Our Hearts With It!

In the ’50s there were many great artists recording songs that are still making people feel good all these years later. One of the most underrated of these acts has got to be he McGuire Sisters. Their hits all throughout the decade made them one of the hottest groups at the time, though their old-fashioned style of singing did not carry them into the ’60s with many hits. By then rock & roll had taken over and their quaint harmonies were heard less and less.

One of the sisters, Christine, just passed away in December of 2018, leaving Phyllis the only surviving sister as Dottie passed away in 2012. Their smash hit “Sugartime” reached #1 on the Billboard charts in 1958 and it’s one of our favorite earworms from the ’50s. “Sugartime” brings back such fond memories. Many have covered this song, but none sing it quite like the McGuire Sisters! Hear this incredible tune again in the clip below.

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