Student Reveals How She Packed 50 Items Of Clothing And 9 Pairs Of Shoes Into One Bag

Move over Marie Kondo – there’s a new space-saving guru in town!

A student has recently amazed social media with her packing skills after she showed off how she managed to fit nearly 50 items of clothing into a single duffle bag. On top of that, she even managed to have room for 9 pairs of shoes!

19-year-old Elizabeth Childs was packing her items in order to return to Winston-Salem State University.

Photo: Jam Press

The business student then tweeted pictures of her packing job on Tuesday, and since then, the photos have received more than 58,000 likes.

She told the Daily Mail: “My secret to packing everything was down to the bag itself … There’s a bottom compartment which I use to put my shoes in, then I roll my clothes instead of folding them — which I have now discovered is a military technique.”

Her luggage items varied, and had everything from t-shirts and jeans, to hoodies, and of course, the essential underwear.

Photo: Jam Press

She says that she only spent 15-30 minutes packing up everything.

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