You Can Get A Plastic Stocking Flask That Fits Almost 3 Bottles Of Wine

The holiday season can be a lot of fun, for a lot of reasons. As everything becomes more and more festive, there is no shortage of ways to have a good time. Whether you are choosing a top-notch ugly Christmas sweater or shopping for gifts for your loved ones, we love to partake in all of the trappings of the holidays. This plastic stocking flask allows us to take things to a whole new level, though.

You read that right, it’s a plastic stocking flask! After all, what fun is the holiday season without a little bit of wine (or whatever your adult beverage of choice may be). Be sure to check out the Happy Hangover stocking as soon as possible. It is made to hang in a place of prominence in the home, next to the rest of your stockings. They even hold 70 ounces!

This is more than enough space, we are sure. You can either play Slap The Bag or you can use the spout at the end to share with others. If you have never played Slap The Bag, congratulations on not being a total piece of trash! We kid, we kid. There are plenty of instructions online for those who are looking to get more familiar with this game.

The stocking has been constructed from food-grade plastic, allowing for re-usage at your company Christmas party. They wish you a Merry Christmas (as well as a Happy Hangover). What a bunch of kind souls. We wish that more people would be willing to look out for us like this. The stocking is available for a very low price as well.

You can take one home for just $8.99! You certainly can’t beat a deal like this one, even if you tried. If you are looking for the perfect Secret Santa gift or a great gag gift for your friends, this is the best choice. While it does not come with any alcoholic beverages, that is probably for the best. We are already struggling quite a bit with our self-control as it is and does not need any additional temptation.

If you are going to be playing Slap The Bag this year and you have yet to play before, we are going to offer one helpful suggestion. Take a moment to lay down a towel beforehand. Just trust us on this one, please. Check out the video below if you would like to learn more!

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