Starbucks Has A Secret ‘Pink Drink’ That Taste Just Like A Starburst

Starbucks and Starburst might not seem like a natural combination, but this story is here to prove you wrong. Starbucks and Starburst are coming together to make your day that much brighter.

When we shop nowadays, the candy aisle seems to be chock full of various Starburst related options. Can you believe that you can now buy a package of Starburst that is all pink? The youth of today are truly spoiled, we can tell you that much! So, where does Starbucks fit into all of this?

totallythebombdotcom is the Instagram user that revealed this secret menu item. We are beyond grateful to them for doing so. If not for them, we may have never known about this awesome option. Those who thought that they were already up on every secret menu item that Starbucks has to offer will want to be sure to pay close attention while we explain it.

The Pink Drink is here and it is every bit as spectacular as you would expect. If you love pink Starburst as much as we do (and who doesn’t?), the idea of a beverage that tastes just like them is rather exciting. To get started, you need to be ordering a Venti sized pink drink. From there, there are just a few minor adjustments that you are going to have to make.

Ask the barista to add two pumps of white mocha and two pumps of vanilla. All you need to do from there is sit back and enjoy. This is one of the simplest secret menu items that Starbucks has to offer you and it doesn’t disappoint.

Any other pink Starburst fans headed to Starbucks?

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