Starbucks Is Bringing Free Coffee To COVID-19 Front-Line Responders

While there are a number of Americans who have been sent home during the coronavirus pandemic, there are others who are still considered to be essential employees. We cannot begin to fathom the level of stress that these employees are under.

Starbucks is looking to step up and help those who are still on the front lines. From now until May 3rd, 2020 medical staffers, paramedics, doctors, firefighters, and police officers are going to be able to receive free coffee. The free coffee will be offered in a “to go” model only, to comply with social distancing.

Delivery services are also available in any location that offers Uber Eats. Customers simply need to identify themselves and provide some form of identification for proof. Starbucks is also looking to assist their own employees during these difficult times. Even if employees are unable to come into work over the next 30 days, they are still going to receive their paychecks in a timely manner.

This is great news during a time when we are hard-pressed to find any. They are not stopping here, though. Starbucks has also offered a generous donation to the organizations that are responsible for assisting front line responders. The company is providing $500,000 to these organizations and this is a direct extension of Starbucks’ guiding philosophy.

CEO Kevin Johnson addressed the general public recently and his words are touching. He believes that every business has a responsibility to make sure that their employees are cared for during a crisis. Johnson is hoping that other business leaders are willing to emulate his actions. The American worker needs to be kept safe until the coronavirus pandemic has been given the chance to run its course.

If you are able to qualify for this promotion, this is your chance to enjoy free coffee. Workers need to be taken care of when they are risking their health and safety to provide us with the services that we cannot live without. Our healthcare workers also deserve the utmost respect for being willing to risk their own health every day when they could easily be at home. If you know someone on the front lines of the pandemic who could use a free coffee, send them this article!

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