If You Haven’t Been Washing Your Face With THIS, You’re Doing It Wrong

la croix
That’s right. The latest beauty trend is all about getting cleaner, younger looking skin without using harsh chemicals or procedures. No overpriced creams or injections are involved in this approach – in fact, you may be surprised at how simple it really is. You only need two things to achieve this method of skin care: sparkling water and a bowl. That’s it.

This technique originated in Japan and Korea, and now women all over the world are embracing the effective, yet non-traditional trend. The results, however, speak for themselves.

The Method

The method is simple. Pour some sparkling water into a large bowl, leaving enough room to submerge your face without overflowing the bowl. Hold your breath and dunk your face in the bowl for 10-20 seconds, as your lung capacity allows. Alternatively, you can also dab a cotton pad with sparkling water and rub on your face.

For oily skin: Repeat this treatment twice a week.

For sensative skin: Dilute sparkling water with a bit of mineral water to avoid irritation. Only do treatment once a week.

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