Why We Add Soy Sauce To Scrambled Eggs

It’s no secret that we love eggs in all of their glorious forms. Scrambled eggs might just be the easiest way to cook eggs, and it sure adds a delicious, extra boost of protein to breakfast! Did you know that you can up your scrambled egg game by using one, very strange ingredient? Keep reading to find out why we always add soy sauce to our scrambled eggs!

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Scrambled eggs are pretty darn good all on their own, so why would anyone add something as strange as soy sauce? We’re glad you asked! There are a few reasons why soy sauce is going to be your new go-to additive when making scrambled eggs. First of all, soy sauce has long been a salt substitute. Not only does it add a bit of flavor to whatever dish it’s in, but it has far less sodium than actual salt. How much less sodium? Well, one teaspoon of soy sauce has 291 mg of sodium, whereas 1 teaspoon of salt has over 2,000!

Another, arguably just as important reason, is that soy sauce enhances the flavor profile of the eggs considerably, and makes them nice a creamy. When adding such things like butter, milk, or cream, you might think you’re making your eggs fluffy or creamier, but in reality, that’s just diluting the natural flavor of the eggs. Soy sauce doesn’t dilute, it only makes it better!

The end result? You may have to try it to believe us, but you’ll have the creamiest, most delicious batch of scrambled eggs imaginable! These eggs are great on their own, or in a breakfast sandwich. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Watch the video below to see just how good soy sauce is in eggs, as well as the celebrity chefs who endorse this method!

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