Giant Snow Labyrinth In Poland Is Bigger Than 10 Tennis Courts

If you live in the United States, you may never have heard of a small town in Poland called Zakopane. It is also known as the ‘winter capital of Poland’ and many people visit from across Europe to enjoy winter sports and tourism.

Not only is it known for winter sports, but it is also home to the largest stone maze in the world. The maze itself is bigger than 10 tennis courts and over 60,000 ice blocks were used to build it.

This snow maze in Poland is the largest in the world.

60,000 ice blocks were put together by 50 workers and work that took a month to complete. The ice structure is also home to a 16 m snow castle with chambers and hidden treasures.

The ice labyrinth spans some 2,500 m²

60,000 ice blocks were used to create it

The sun lights up the maze as evening approaches, making the entire area look like it is out of a fairytale.

It took over a month for 50 workers to build the maze.

Photo: Dron Line

A castle is found in the winter wonderland with hidden tunnels and a watchtower

There are hidden treasures found inside of the castle

Tourists love snowlandia. It’s a great way to get lost while looking at some beautiful ice sculptures. You can visit when it opens in January 2020.

There are plenty of ice sculptures inside as well.

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