Have You Noticed People Have Stopped Using These Manners Today?

It can be tempting to bend the rules of etiquette in order to make our lives easier, but in the end it will usually save time or grief just to follow some simple manners. There was a time when courtesies like these were common, but it seems like people today have forgotten that these little rules of etiquette can make a big difference.

15) Say “Excuse Me”

This phrase is the most polite way to say you’re sorry, but it’s also a very well-bred way to get someone’s attention. Shouting or approaching someone quickly can be jarring when in public.

14) Don’t Bring People or Pets Without Asking

Showing up to someone’s home or event with unplanned guests, furry or otherwise, is never a good idea. Always ask first and then you’ll know the situation.

13) Don’t Come Empty Handed

Some situations don’t apply, but if someone invites you to a housewarming, birthday, or dinner party it’s polite to bring something for the host or the group.

12) Share the Sidewalk

Making way for other people on the sidewalk is a simple way to keep things moving on thoroughfares.

11) Be the Bigger Man

Apologizing when you’re in the wrong goes a long way towards mending fences.

10) RSVP

There was a time when responding to an RSVP event was crucial- whether you were going to the event or not. Nowadays, many people don’t respond at all, which is pretty unhelpful when trying to get a head count.

9)Talking on the Phone

Back in the days when everyone had a landline phone, it was considered polite to give someone space when they needed to take a phone call. Now, people have conversations on their cell phones in just about every public place you can imagine. My how times have changed!

8) Offer a Helping Hand

Whether it’s holding the door or getting something off a high shelf, if you see someone who needs help the polite thing to do is to offer your assistance.

7) Make Eye Contact

With so much happening on our phones it can be hard to look up. But, when having a conversation making eye contact is the polite thing to do.

6) Stay Home When You’re Ill

Spreading your cold or flu around certainly won’t you get better any quicker, so it’s best to stay home if you’re ill.

5) No Toys at the Table

That was the rule when we were kids and it should apply to adults these days as well. Checking one’s phone at the table is just incredibly rude.

4) Give a Firm Handshake

It was once considered an offense to give a weak handshake because it could have meant that you weren’t genuinely glad to meet someone.

3) Always Tidy Up

It doesn’t matter where you are, cleaning up after yourself is just good manners!

2) Push Your Chair In

It’s incredible to walk into a cafe where so many people don’t feel the need to push their chairs in after they leave the table. But, it makes everything run so much smoother when you do!

1) The Same Goes for Shopping Carts

You should always bring them back to the cart corral or to the store. Leaving them in the parking lot is dangerous and it makes work for someone else.

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