Good Writing Meets These 6 Criteria…

When you read engaging prose, you know it. Likewise, when you come across a piece of writing that is less than impressive, you’ll tend to lose interest and eventually stop reading altogether. A lot of writing might be technically correct, but it’s missing that punch, that wit, that X-factor. Shaelin gives some amazing advice on six ways to make your writing more interesting. So go ahead and use this list as a ruler by which to measure your work, a series of tests, so to speak, to put your current writing project through.


6 ways writing 2
Without tension, characters don’t really want anything from each other, therefore there’s no attainable goal, or way to move forward. Furthermore, if a story lacks tension… it might as well just solve itself, and there’s no reason for it to exist in the first place. An easy way to add tension is to have characters with conflicting goals or interests. They can even be on the “same side,” but want to use something as an end to justify a totally different means.

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