Test Your Relationship During Six Flag’s 30-Hour Couples Coffin Challenge

Six Flags is the place where many people go to cut loose and have some fun. Last year they did something interesting for Fright Fest by having guests spend 30 hours in a coffin alone. It was such a popular attraction that they decided to do it again this year. They aren’t doing it exactly the same, they are mixing things up this time.

Photo: Six Flags

For 30 hours from Friday, Sept 27 at 4 pm until Saturday, Sept 28 at 10 pm, couples will be invited to take the couples coffin challenge in Woodmore, Md at the Six Flags theme park. In order to take part in the challenge you will have to be a couple (friend, relative or even strangers) and you need to fit in the 6 x 5.4′ space.

You can bring anything that you want to make your stay a little more comfortable as long as the lid can close when you are inside. After getting into the coffin on Friday, you will see daylight for just a few fleeting moments before the challenge is over. Designated bathroom breaks, phone breaks and sitting up in the coffin to eat are scheduled. You will also be able to use a “Get Our of the Coffin Free Card” for a 6-minute break at any time you choose.

Photo: Six Flags

Mini-challenges will also be offered during the 30-hour stretch. This might include getting a mystery item out of a bucket, being in a coffin covered in worms or getting a prop from a haunted house. Both of the people in the coffin must complete it unless they decide to use the ‘Skip the Challenge Card’.

If you make it through the competition, you will receive your reward. The top prize is $600, split two ways, a Fright Fest prize package and two gold season passes for 2020. Contestants needed to fill out the online application and take the short essay to let them know why they were interested in the challenge. The registration closed on Sept 20, but keep your eye open for another challenge next year.

30 hours in a coffin can be difficult but people have gone through a lot more for a lot less. The good news is, if you took the challenge, you could do it with someone you love.

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