How To Fake High End Looks With A Shower Curtain

Do you want those high-end decor looks, but don’t want to break the bank? Of course you do! We do too. Good thing there are a lot of creative ways to get these fun and trendy looks without the hefty price tag that usually comes with them. In fact, the only real expense for these projects is… a shower curtain. That’s right! Check out these inspirational ideas in the list below.

Statement Art Piece

We’ve all seen those large pieces of art that practically take up a whole wall. It’s such a lovely and trendy way to decorate a blank space and add a pop of texture without having to paint or hang a million little photos. Unfortunately, these large statement pieces end up costing hundreds of dollars. We’ve got a great solution! Pick up a cute cloth shower curtain and get to work. Measure, cut, and hang the curtain where you want it, and then build a frame around it using 2x4s from your local hardware store. You can paint or stain the 2x4s, or leave them unfinished for a more natural look.

Reupholster Chairs

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars getting those dining room chairs reupholstered! Grab a cloth shower curtain instead! Simply remove the cushioned seat of your chair and cut the curtain to size. Wrap it around the seat and use a staple gun or some industrial strength glue to secure the fabric in place. Reasseble the chair, and there you have it!

Movie Screen

Isn’t this such a fun idea? Who doesn’t love watching movies on the big screen? Simply get a white cloth shower curtain and hang it up on a tension rod wherever you can squeeze it in. Ta-da! Makeshift movie screen!

Check out other ideas in the video below!

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