Why You Should Ban Shoes Inside The House

Wearing shoes indoors can present all sorts of hazards. That’s why most of us do not allow it for any reason. Those of us who have kids know that this is a battle that has to be fought on a regular basis. There are a number of reasons why parents need to stand their ground and we are here to discuss them more in-depth. For starters, shoes are a breeding ground for all sorts of creepy crawlers.

Unfortunately, they are the type of creepy crawlers that you cannot see. The number of bacteria that make their way into a home through the wearing of shoes is astronomical. Hundreds of thousands of bacteria hitch a ride on each shoe and good luck removing them once they have been ground into your carpet. Plant matter and soil are both full of th3 nasty bacteria.

Shoes are also responsible for transporting toxins. All it takes is one time crossing the street to pick up all sorts of toxins that cannot be removed. The more contact we have with these chemicals, the more harmful they can be. There are other reasons to keep shoes off in the house that are not nearly as frightening, though. Wouldn’t you like to save time on cleaning?

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Of course, you would. The fewer shoes that are worn in the house, the less need there is to mop and vacuum. The broom is also able to remain in the closet more often as well. Shoes can cause a great deal of damage to the flooring of a home and this is an underrated benefit to keeping them off indoors. No one wants to spend time and money to repair damage to flooring because of shoes.

Have you ever seen what the wrong pair of shoes can do to some hardwood? The same goes for any homeowner that relies on rugs to protect their flooring. No one wants to endure the difficulties that are associated with shoe-related damage when they are easily avoided. Parents have the ability to enjoy one final benefit that definitely needs to be mentioned.

They are finally able to avoid the challenge of having to find lost shoes! Isn’t that one of the best benefits of all? If you have kids that love to wear their shoes inside and do not listen to reason, be sure to implement a zero-tolerance policy. Ask guests to follow suit, too. This is a guide that definitely needs to be shared so be sure to pass it along!

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