You’ve Heard of Man Caves But What About She Sheds?

She sheds are the hot new trend for homeowners who want to create a little retreat space on their property. The man cave has long been a staple of American culture, with poker games held in basements decorated with manly decor for decades. Since the dawn of the suburban home (and the generous space that comes with it) man caves have been popular hang out spots for the man of the house. But she sheds are another place to escape from the world for a little bit, and are instead aimed at women.

Many of them look like repurposed garden sheds and many certainly are! Others look like high tech tiny homes with lots of glass and metal. These small little spaces are a great chance to use your DIY skills and offer endless chances for creativity in design for those who have the time and money. These cute sheds can be decorated in any style and used for reading, yoga, crafting or other hobbies.

One problem some of the sheds present: heating and cooling. However, this might be offset in value by sheer distance away from the main house. However, like the traditional man cave or rumpus rooms have been in the past, many women are choosing to create their she shed in their basements. Whether in the back yard or in the house, these she sheds seem like great places to unwind.

These beautiful little buildings offer a retreat without even leaving your zip code. What do you think? Would you like to have a she shed of your own?

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